Elizabeth A.Stanhope Forbes Paintings

Elizabeth Adela Stanhope Forbes, born Elizabeth Armstrong, was a Canadian painter who became a significant figure among the Newlyn School of painters. She was born on December 29, 1859, in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Elizabeth showed an early interest in art and pursued her passion by studying in London at the South Kensington Art School. She further developed her skills under the guidance of prominent artists such as Edward Poynter and at the Atelier Cormon in Paris, where she was influenced by the plein air style of painting.

In 1885, Elizabeth moved to Newlyn, a fishing village in Cornwall, which had become a hub for artists seeking to capture the unique light and daily life of the area. It was here that she met her future husband, Stanhope Forbes, another influential figure in the Newlyn School. The couple married in 1889 and their partnership was both romantic and professional as they painted alongside each other and contributed to the development of the Newlyn art colony.

Elizabeth Forbes specialized in genre scenes, often featuring children and the local Cornish landscape. Her works are noted for their use of color and light, capturing the simplicity and beauty of rustic life. She was also a gifted teacher and, alongside her husband, co-founded the Forbes School of Painting in Newlyn in 1899, which further solidified the area's status as an artistic center.

Throughout her career, Elizabeth exhibited her work widely, including at the Royal Academy in London. Her art was well received and she gained considerable recognition during her lifetime, which was a significant accomplishment for a female artist at the time. Sadly, her career was cut short when she died on March 16, 1912, in Newlyn. Elizabeth A. Stanhope Forbes left behind a legacy of artistic contribution and is remembered as an important and pioneering figure in the history of British art.